Summary Bio
Sue Merchant is an English indie singer - songwriter, known for her sincere crafting of  songs,
and her unguarded vocal delivery, which communicates a directness that resonates with both intimacy and candour.  
Her songs are inspired by real people and events and she consequently approaches her acoustic orientated 
music as personal, heartfelt expression.  

Reflections from the Edge 
The 10 Track Album Available on CD and by Download on CD Baby 
The 10 Track Album + Purchase of Individual Songs Available by Download Exclusively on iTUNES 

Track Listing
1. Fool   2. Water over Stone   3. To the Lighthouse   4. Breaking Icicles   5. I can feel
6. Sarah, sing me the Blues   7. Virginia in the Fall   8. Hey Drew   9. Virtually Unreal   10. The Game

Reflections from the Edge (Extended Edition)
The 15 Track Album + Purchase of Individual Songs Available by Download Exclusively on iTUNES 

Track Listing
1. Fool   2. Water over Stone   3. To the Lighthouse   4. Breaking Icicles   5. I can feel
6. Sarah, sing me the Blues   7. Virginia in the Fall   8. Hey Drew   9. Virtually Unreal   10. The Game

11. Fool (+ Cello Accompaniment)  12. In Africa (Acoustic Solo)   13. The Harbour   
14. Suzanne, I can't   15. From 'Too Late' (Acoustic Solo)

Primary Genre
Singer - Songwriter

Sub Genres
Acoustic, Folk, Folk Revival, Contemporary Folk
New Folk, 
Traditional Folk, Country, Americana 

An emotionally charged and thought provoking blend of original songs
 influenced by personal experience. 

Industry Awards
   1st Place Honours: BRIT Trust  International  Songwriting Contest
 1st Place Honours: Stonewall Society Pride in the Arts
 Honours List: Billboard World Songwriting Contest
Accreditation by the World Music Foundation for 'Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting'

Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez

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