Sue Merchant is an English indie singer - songwriter, known for her sincere crafting of  songs, and her unguarded vocal delivery, which  communicates a directness that resonates with   both intimacy and candour.  Her songs are  inspired by real people and events and she  consequently approaches her acoustic orientated  music as personal, heartfelt expression.  Industry Awards  include 1st Place Honours: BRIT Trust  International  Song writing Contest  -  1st Place Honours: Stonewall Society Pride in the Arts  -  Honours List: Billboard World Song writing Contest & Accreditation by the World Music  Foundation for outstanding achievement in song writing. 

Primary Genres: Singer - Songwriter, Folk & New Folk  
Style: An emotionally charged and thought provoking blend of  original songs  inspired by personal experience.
 T U N E C O R E



The European Union was never intended to serve the people of Europe, it was meant to empower the rulers of the countries of Europe and to subjugate the European people. Uncontrolled Mass Immigration, Political Correctness & Multiculturalism amounts to Government Assisted Suicide.
The greatest threat to the free world does not come from a foreign military, religion, nor is if from terrorists; the greatest threat in history to the free world is Uncontrolled Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. Once Truth, Facts, and Statistics, become taboo to even speak of, we have and will lose everything!  Without 'Security' 'Social Cohesion' and 'Free Speech', there is no 'Freedom'!

The German police are keeping a record of all the incidents in secret and deliberately not releasing the figures to the press or the public. The report, leaked by a whistle-blower in the police, revealed that nonwhite invaders posing as “refugees” are responsible for around 400 crimes per day in the state of Saxony alone! Nonwhite invaders in Germany are responsible for in excess of 6,000 “incidents” per day most of them criminal according to an extrapolation of figures secretly compiled. Meanwhile, 'Migration Watch' recent Report states "This scandalous policy and security shambles demonstrates how the EU cannot control its borders and why it is heading for further catastrophe this summer."


 The Ideological and Geopolitical Origins of the European Union - The European 'Mass Replacement Programme'

QUOTE: “The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals”. Both Rumpuy and Merkel have won the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize. The "Charlemagne Prize"  is awarded every two years to leading personalities for their outstanding contribution to the process of 'European Integration'.

Germany Chancellor, Angela Merkel - The Woman who Destroyed Europe by 'Design'.

The 'Deliberate' Cultural Destruction Agenda.

"White" Refugees fleeing conflict in the Ukraine seeking Asylum in Germany - REFUSED

Genuine war refugees fleeing the conflict in the Ukraine have been denied asylum in Germany in 95 percent of cases and will, from now on, all be refused that status while Angela Merkel’s government admits millions of people from all over the non-white Third World without question. Migrants will cost Germany an estimated €50 billion by the end of 2017, a new report has found. The Cologne Institute for Economic Research has found that shelter, welfare and integration will cost Germany €22 billion this year and €27.6 billion next year and is to be paid for by the tax payers.

Meanwhile, Greece has been ordered to pay a failed asylum seeker from Gambia €10,000 by the European Court of Human Rights, after he successfully claimed that the Greek government had treated him in a degrading manner by placing him in a detention centre when he ILLEGALLY entered the country.

The taxpayers are to be presented with a €600 million bill, payable to a hotel group to house non-white migrants in luxury hotels in the city. 
Merkel warns European countries that refusing quotas of Muslim immigrants is “not negotiable.” This is the type of language that Totalitarian regimes use. Merkel’s allies claim that she deserves the Nobel Prize. Hitler and Stalin were both nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize too and Merkel has done more damage to Germany and Europe than any leader since these two nominated gentlemen before her had ... so yes, she certainly seems to warrant one on that basis!

Angela Merkel has become all but un(re)electable as chancellor as the electorate comes to the bleak realisation that Germany can now never be the same again after having accepted nearly two million mostly Muslim immigrants whose high birth rate will inevitably place unprecedented demands on public services and irrevocably replace the centuries-old, German culture and the analytic and continental traditions of Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Marx, Nietzsche, Heidegger and Wittgenstein, with a foreign doctrine and faith. Given the Muslim fertility rate is about twice that of non Muslims, that would equate to a net increase of about 40,000 per year on current estimates ... assuming all immigration were to cease as of now which clearly doesn't appear to be the case despite the vast majority of the electorate clearly wanting it stopped!  With a current population of over 80 million, and assuming that immigration will continue in the foreseeable future, the outlook for the retention of European values in Germany is bleak indeed and the proliferation of mosques will presumably gather pace and momentum throughout the country, thereby permanently changing the cultural and religious profile of the state and intensifying the very real 'Security issues' which the West is increasingly facing. A VIDEO by a very brave Muslim woman goes Viral and sparks a Movement to Defeat Radical Islam. "It’s time for an honest Conversation about the threats of radical Islam, without fear of reprisals from politically correct enforcers". 

                 White Genocide of the West    Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan & the Pan-European Movement - Part 1  Part 2
A Vote to LEAVE the European Union is a Vote Against the Political Elite's 'Pre-planned' and 'Deliberate' fusion of Europe with the Middle East, Asia and Africa, still often referred to as the Third World. Behind all the 'manipulative propaganda' about the plight of refugees, the reality is that the very fabric of our civilisation is being transformed by stealth through the implementation of a global social engineering project by the political elite for which no European citizen has ever voted. See Coudenhove-Kalergy Link above for a full understanding of the EU's Pan European Project. According to a watchdog organization that has been monitoring Christian persecution for decades, the brutal, worldwide persecution of Christians during the past year makes 2015 "the most violent and sustained attack on Christian faith in modern history”. 70 years after the end of the Holocaust, The Jewish people also appear to once again, no longer feel safe on the streets of Europe with another exodus being currently reported - Jewish immigration to Israel from Western Europe reached an all-time high in 2015. 

Germany's Development Minister has recently announced that only 10% of the migrants invited by Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel have reached Europe thus far. 8-10 million more are expected to follow and with many more still to arrive from North Africa. To this 10 million +, add the existing family members (average 5-8) who will then have an automatic legal right follow. Add then to this 50 - 80 million +,the higher birth rate factor of Arab, Asian & African women (average 3-8 babies) and the fact that Under Islamic marital jurisprudence,  Muslim men are allowed to have more than one wife at the same time, up to a total of four - I'll let you do the Math!  Is there seriously anyone left out there not now able to see the elephant in the room?!  


Our continued EU membership means once migrants have been issued with their EU passports, legal entry to the UK cannot be prevented and neither can it be reversed or controlled - A simple EU Membership FACT. Any talk by our Government of putting an 'emergency break' on immigration is 'meaningless'. Each individual application must be 'approved' by the EU .... will take on average 18 months to come into force if approved at all and will subsequently create a bigger influx of immigration due to migrants rushing to beat the emergency brake date!  Any future EU controlled 'emergency brake' will be about as much use as a chocolate teapot and only impact upon 7% of migrants anyway!  The ONLY way the UK Government can actually 'control immigration' is for the UK to regain its National Sovereignty and this can ONLY be achieved by leaving the bankrupt, corrupt and destructive 'European Union'.

Research from the Civitas think-tank recently stated “The main aim of governments has been to ensure that membership of the EU is seen as a prized asset, which the UK must not let slip from its grasp. This has resulted in a mis-selling of the trade benefits of the Single Market comparable in some respects to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance, though on a larger scale, over a longer period, and with far more serious consequences. “PPI offered borrowers protection that on closer inspection proved to be illusory, and at disproportionate cost. The evidence shows that the same might well be said of the Single Market.”  EU puppet, David Cameron will likely bring the Referendum forward to June 2016 in order to try and secure an EU membership win BEFORE the next planned mass influx into Europe of economic migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa in 2016 and beyond.

It has been reported that Cameron has also 'gagged' Conservative Party Eurosceptic Ministers from promoting the many benefits of the UK Leaving the EU while Pro EU colleagues will be permitted to speak out in praise of the EU. UK Tax payers' money will also be used to bombard every single household in the country with pro EU propaganda containing lies, lies & more lies in the lead up to the most important Vote of our lifetime and at a cost to UK tax payers of a reported £1.5 million. The Establishment plays us for Fools and then bill us for it - Oh, well ... nothing new there, I suppose!  

The Mainstream Media (aka MSM) continues to 'censor' any news which might fuel further anti EU and anti mass immigration feeling amongst the general public. The 'leak' concerning the recent horrific attacks by migrants on a reported 1,049 women in Cologne on New Year's Eve being a prime example. German authorities now admit the Muslim migrants brought the “Taharrush” rape game to Europe and 'showcased' it on New Year’s Eve.  Sexual attacks on Western women were initially reported in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, Germany but the most recent official reports now indicate that 75% of Germany suffered from these attacks. These same "Taharrush" attacks were also reported in Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland on New Year’s Eve. View HERE  Nonwhites already commit at least 86 percent of all gang rapes in Britain, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper has finally recently admitted.


Although this next 19-minute film may feel like a dispatch from the Future, it is cut entirely from recent news reports, police camera footage, and interviews. View OPEN GATES. It's time to WAKE UP to the deception of the Leftist, Socialist, Communist controlled Politicians and Mainstream Media and see the European Migration Crisis for what it actually is - a 'Planned INVASION funded by BIG BANKS, BIG BUSINESS and BIG POLITICS'.  

In respect of the mass rapes and sexual assaults which continue to be carried out on western women by Third World migrants - BREXIT is now also very much about the future safety and security of our own UK women and children. 16 yr old German girl speaks out. Social media users are posting the video to as many video sharing sites and blogs as possible in a bid to keep it online and prevent media censorship. The Future Of Europe – A powerful and inspiring new video by Germany’s native young citizens goes viral. The EU, Germany and most Western European governments are supporting the invaders, not their citizens. Mindless savagery is rampant now in Europe. 

The denial by the media and the political elites continues and it will continue until the unthinkable happens, when reality drops an almighty wakeup call on their fantasy. Breitbart London, the first news outlet in the English language to expose the mass migrant assaults and rapes from Cologne on New Year’s Eve has launched a Migrant Crisis Live Wire, tracking all the developments from Europe’s migrant crisis from across the continent. The Live Stream will include all the latest developments surrounding the migrant crisis, including polling, crime reports, and government policy announcements. The project was launched on 26 January 2016 in response to the wave of new information emerging from across the continent which rarely ever makes it into English language main news outlets! 

                                        The European Union and the Lib/Lab/Con Political Elite's Agenda     

Summing up - in 1973, the UK joined the European Economic Community. The Link immediately above shows in just 30 minutes how the British people were deliberately deceived into assimilation into a tyrannical federal European Super State known as the European Union. Be under no illusion ... the ‘EU Constitution’ is very similar to the old Soviet Union’s and slowly builds a Dictatorship and a Police State.  It starts with human rights platitudes, and then conceals its destruction of democracy while the EU’s Corpus Juris legal system actually steals our rights. The EU’s 100,000 + laws, rules and regulations will control our personal lives more closely than were ever imposed on Soviet Citizens. Dictatorships ALWAYS lead to oppression and poverty. Communism under the guise of Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and the EU Pan European Movement means oppression, poverty and the ultimate genocide of native white Europeans and their identity, values and culture within a 'single generation'. 

The BBC is a Government owned broadcasting corporation - consequently, a lot of what is really going on will never reach our eyes and ears. Check out other independent sources such as Breitbart and New Observer instead of Mainstream media which is 'controlled' and check out independent news reporting and live footage of events on You Tube to keep abreast of the ever increasing consequences of the EU Agenda. You'll find Live footage of migrant riots, mass protests by the native citizens of Europe and other disturbing events - information and footage which the Mainstream Media actively conceals from the general public.​


For your own sake and moreover for the sake of your children and their children, do NOT fall for Cameron's Renegotiation rhetoric. There will not be another chance in our lifetime to get out of the Germany dominated authoritarian regime which now exists and which will only become more oppressive, more despotic and which is slowly and intentionally destroying Europe; all without a single shot having been fired.  If your democratically elected government is dictated to by anyone other than 'The People'; by definition, you're in a Dictatorship and that's a FACT.

Cameron and Corbyn are two peas from the same pod - both are determined to destroy the Sovereign State of the United Kingdom but from simply different perspectives. Cameron as a dedicated Europhile and Corbyn as a dedicated Communist who also desperately needs mass importing of non whites to boost failing Labour voting numbers. The truth about the EU is now 'self evident'; it is a totalitarian organisation wholly intent upon removing all allegiances to nationality, religion, culture, tradition and ones own identity and sense of self in order to create and promote a homogeneous, mongrel group of peoples subservient to the EU Super-State for the benefit of its own corrupt, misery making ends.  

n addition to the million and a half 'un-vetted' third world migrants invited into Europe by Angela Merkel in 2015, a further 90,000 have now arrived in Germany in January this year alone. If you think what is taking place in Germany isn't also intended for the UK - Think again!

David Cameron has alleged that Britain leaving the European Union would lead to a Calais ‘Jungle’-style camp in the South East of England. The threat comes as Cameron faces an increasingly uphill struggle to win support after public opinion roundly rejected his feeble ‘renegotiations’ with European leaders. There are existing Agreements in place, known as the Juxtaposed Controls and these are external to Britain’s European Union memberships, and in February 2003, France and Britain concluded the Treaty of Le Touquet’ which established French checks at Dover and British controls at Calais and Dunkirk.  The 'facts' of the matter are that Cameron's threat is nothing more than a desperate attempt to distract people from his pathetic, bungled EU deal and 'frighten' voters into voting to remain in the disintegrating EU. The Le Touquet treaty is a bilateral deal, and has nothing to do with the EU and of course international co-operation would continue once we leave the EU. Critics have also called Cameron’s claims “scaremongering” though many might think they are actually more "risible" than to even be taken seriously!  Despite ALL the evidence to the contrary, Cameron then has the audacity to dare spin us the yarn that our 'Security' will be better if we remain in the EU ... you know, the same EU that has now 'lost' some 600,000 of the million and a half unvetted third world migrants which Angela Merkel invited into Europe ... and the same EU which has unilaterally breached every single EU asylum rule and regulation in order to make it happen!  Security is better if 'in' the EU is it?   Yeah, well .. tell that to the women of Cologne and elsewhere in Europe, Mr Cameron!   Calais: The Truth about the “Jungle”  Have a listen to what security within the EU is REALLY like from a native woman living in Calais. Calais Native Reveals Migrants Attack Children, Rape, Steal: 'It Is Unimaginable What We Suffer'  

      Don't be Fooled 

        by Cameron & Corbyn


            The EU Establishment's  

        Lies, Spin & Scaremongering          

                SAY NO




VOTE LEAVE                                            


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