Sue Merchant is  an  English  indie  singer - songwriter,  known  for  her  sincere  crafting  of  songs,  and  her  unguarded  vocal  delivery,  which  communicates  a  directness  that  resonates  with   both  intimacy  and  candour.   Her  songs  are  inspired  by  real  people  and  events  and  she  consequently  approaches  her  acoustic  orientated  music  as  personal,  heartfelt  expression.   Industry  Awards  include  1st  Place  Honours:  BRIT  Trust  International  Songwriting  Contest  - 
1st  Place  Honours:  Stonewall  Society  Pride  in  the  Arts  -  Honours  List:  Billboard  World  Songwriting  Contest  &  Accreditation by  the  World  Music  Foundation  for  outstanding  achievement  in  songwriting.  Primary  Genres:  Singer - Songwriter,  Folk  & New  Folk.   Style:  An  emotionally  charged  and  thought  provoking  blend  of  traditional  and  contemporary  folk  songs,  influenced  by  personal  experience.  

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Nigel Farage @ EU
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Nigel Farage @ EU
Nigel Farage @ EU

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I  believe we must end the supremacy of EU law over UK law.  In addition, if we vote to leave the EU, then the £55 million the Government sends to Brussels every single day - some £20 Billion per year can be spent on our own priorities like the NHS.  A vote to remain in the EU means the permanent payment to the EU of all this money.  Additionally, UK taxpayers are now also paying huge bills (currently circa 2 Billion) caused by the Euro and Refugee and Migrant crisis  with a permanent solution to these three major issues alone not coming anytime soon!

I want our Governments to use tax payers money to benefit Great Britain not the EU.  I want Great Britain's donations to foreign aid to be voluntary and at a level our country can afford without it resulting in the unecessary suffering and death of our own sick and disabled people.  I want Great Britain to take back control of its Borders and return our countries’ laws to the British Parliament. I don’t want to be ruled by un-elected, self-appointed Eurocrats in Germany.
 I want a return to being governed by our own democratically elected Governments here in England.  By leaving the EU, we will save Billions and regain control of a whole host of policy areas such as trade, immigration and tax, and importantly, our politicians will then become more accountable for their decisions! 

Which is safer – a vote for the permanent supremacy of EU law, or a vote to take back control of our own laws?

Which is safer – a vote to keep sending hundreds of millions to Brussels every week, or a vote to put that money into the NHS and Education to name but a few areas greatly in need of that money?

A vote to leave the EU is safer than giving Brussels more and more power and more and more money year after year which is what the EU increasingly demands of us!

I would urge everyone to choose the far safer option and get behind the vote to
Leave the EU  and take back control of our own country.

The EU benefits Multi National Corporations, Mega Banks and Big Politics but a mass movement is now taking place to take on the Establishment.  It will be an alliance of people the likes of which this country has never seen!
 Join the campaign and get involved - no action of support is too small.

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